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OK, now I’ve written my book, Pen & Sword have published it, printed it and distributed it, and you, my friend, have purchased it. What now?

Well, with a bit of luck the next step involves you reading it and enjoying it immensely. Then, you can either loan it to a family member or friend, or carefully pack it up as a Christmas present (if you haven’t dog-eared the pages). Alternatively, you can put it on your shelf where it will rest, looking down on you, for all eternity.

Let me give you another alternative: Before you shuffle it on or relegate it to antiquity, reflect on the book you’ve just read and take the time to review it.

Your review won’t mean a great deal to you, but to a rookie author, it’s vitally important. It provides me with valuable feedback: did I appeal to readers as I’ve hoped I would? Are there important facts I left out or could have described better? Positive comments will be received with undying gratitude, constructive criticism will be accepted as exactly that—something to build upon. At my age a follow-up is less than likely, but you never know…….

I’ve posted my reviews so far below and I’ll add to them as new ones arrive:

1. Click here for worldwide Amazon reviews

2. Scale Modelling Now review

3. Goodreads review

4.Click here for Andy Fraser’s Review of ‘Phantom to Warthog

Thanks again for your support, encouragement and patience!

2 Responses to Reviews!

  1. I was a crew chief on A/10’s for sixteen of my twenty years in the Air Force. For two years I supported the flight line as a First Sergeant and finished in MOC.
    I’m waiting patiently for my book to arrive and can’t wait to dive into it.
    I’ll definitely write a review and sure it will be great!! CHAPPIE

    • Hi Chappie
      Thanks for getting in touch. I think you’ll like the book, particularly the sub-chapter called ‘Trust.’ It pretty much sums up the respect airplane drivers like me have for airplane fixers like you! Thanks again.

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