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Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine

Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine

I recently did an online interview with the prestigious Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine. The short (print) version has been originally published in the April/May 2021 issue of the magazine and I’m providing a page photo here. The full online interview has just gone live and here’s an update. Enjoy!

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  1. Steve, thank you so much for this great book (that I couldn’t hardly put down once I got started, and have reread most) and congratulations on your outstanding Air Force flying career. I attempted to respond to you via Linda’s FB several weeks ago but I probably didn’t do something right as don’t think it ever flew. Linda gave me a copy of your book for Christmas and it was so interesting to read your USAF story. As I left the UK in 1979 after a little over four years there in the Phantom and our trusty ole Hawg during the last year, I wasn’t aware of most of the events you spoke of during the FOL build-up. I also had assignments in the 94th and the 353rd Fighter Squadrons during my 15 years (former US ARMY WO) and it was also great to read about your tours there as well. Linda and I got back to Bentwaters in ’93 just as the Wing was packing up and ADO Bill Rials was the only familiar face I could find. Hated to see the base closing but we (and our wives) did spend a couple nights crawling around some of our former favorite watering holes to aid with the healing process. Our previous tour there was the very best of my 38 year flying career. Steve, it was such an honor and privilege to have known and flown with you and thanks again for your outstanding contributions toward the defense of our country. It would be great to see you and Elaine at maybe a future 92nd Fighter Squadron Reunion. Cheers…

    • Hey, Jim

      Thanks for the kind words and delighted you enjoyed the book. There are parts of your message I remember so I must have seen your original email at some point. I try to answer them all but sounds like, in this case, I blew it. Elaine & I remember both you and Linda from the 92nd although we shuttled off to Det 4 about the time you left Bentwaters. Bill Ryal was 510th(?) CC when I finished as 81st/DO so we must have missed each other again that time.

      Thanks again–it was great to hear from you and if you’ve got the time and inclination an Amazon review would be much appreciated. Stay safe


  2. Jim Bohon…….how about that, another relic of the early 92TFS A-10 days at Bentwaters. Cheers my friend.
    – Grumpy (AKA Mike Warren, 92TFS 79-80-81)

    • Hey Mike, you still got that Lotus? Often thought about that Sunday many moons ago when your Lotus, my new Corvette, and I think Euve’s E-type Jag, all silver, and lined up in front of the Squadron. Too bad we didn’t have cell phones back then, would love to have captured that picture! Steve certainly authored a great book, sure enjoyed catching up on many of the events after we left the UK. Cheers 2U2…

      • Are you and Grumpy using my Blog as your own personal Social Media link?

        Just pulling your chains–I’m happy to have the traffic. Hope you’re both well.


        • Hi Steve, guess we’re guilty! Great hearing from any former Skulls…Tried to add an AMAZON review of your book but unable due to Amazon UK being separate from Amazon US, and my account with the latter doesn’t count towards the recent purchase requirements to add a review. Was surprised at the restriction but my first at trying to add a review on a UK published/distributed book. From F4 Phantoms to A10 Warthogs is a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to share the life story of a very successful American Fighter Pilot through the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and the most recent Middle East Wars.

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