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Welcome to my website and my Blog. In this News feature, I hope to keep you up to date on the progress of ‘F-4 Phantom to A-10 Warthog’; so as to provide an opportunity to get in touch via the website. If you have comments or questions about the world of the fighter pilot, I’ll be more than happy to share my thoughts with you.

Everyone’s favorite virus has delayed the original launch window from June to September. The book’s with the printer, John Biggins of Aerta UK has designed this terrific website and so far, I haven’t caught the Covid so life is, under the circumstances, relatively good.

I’ve recently been asked to have a virtual chat with cadets of the 511 Sqn Air Training Corps in Huntingdon. I’m looking forward to getting together with young people interested in military aviation—probably more of a treat for me than it will be for them. I’m slightly concerned that my inability to visit Toni, my Barber for the last two months results in my looking more like Brian May than an intrepid fighter pilot so I might wear my Detroit Tigers baseball cap—As a Yank I should be able to get away with that.

Please enjoy the website and visit often—don’t miss the extracts on the Book page. They’re a taster of what’s to come.

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  1. Well done web site “old” friend! Using your marketing degree in a very fine manner…..I feel confident you have already given this form an FCF; but in case not….

      • Col.Ladd, thanks for your service. I was born in St. Johns Mi in 1946.

        Interestingly I had an uncle who was a St. Johns and Lansing man. He was a B-24 pilot during WWII. Stationed in England and shot down as the lead bomber on a bombimg run to a bearing factory in Brunswick Germany on August 22, 1944. Was a POW until close to VE Day. Has had a biography written about him titled A Farmer Flies To War, A Hero Returns.

        For myself I served in the USAF 1966-1970. Worked flightline as a WCS troop (AFSC 322X1P) on the Phabulous Phantom with the 417th TFS. The most exciting job I have ever had. Obviously didn’t pay much, but the most exciting with other benefits as well.

        Looking forward to the release of your book.

        • Thanks very much, Ken. As you’ll see in the book, you guys and gals who cared for your airplanes so I could climb in and fly them are at the very top of the fighter pilot’s respect list! Thanks for all you did.

  2. Go Tigers! Was not aware that you had Michigan blood in you. Born and raised in Saginaw.

    • Hi John
      Born in Lansing, family’s from a little town called Charlotte, 18 miles Southwest. Never spent much time there–My last visit was on leave from Ubon in 1969!

  3. I also served with 2 ataf. I was stationed at Raf Wildenrath on 19sqn, as a flight line mechanic from November 79 to April 82. loved my years working on the Phantom. Will watch out for the book.

    • Thanks, David
      I don’t know if we crossed paths in the Big House, but as a Phantom Phixer, as you’ll see in the book, you’re right at the top of the fighter pilots’ respect list!

  4. Having already read this book several times due to helping to edit it I have an obvious bias. I am the wife of the author! I just could not resist making a comment or two on this website to let you all know that it is a really great read.Considering how many times I have gone over it, it still made me laugh and cry each and every time. So all you ladies out there who think this book will not interest you will be surprised at the human side of this memoir, which is quite fast moving, so enjoy!

  5. I worked at nordhorn range in the mid 80’s. Always liked the panzerknacker on the range. We had a close relationship with the 81st det guys at ahlhorn. We had a few beer calls with your guys. Good times

    • Hi Wayne
      Thanks for your note. I was at Det 4, Norvenich as Op Officer from ’80-83 (see the PATCH tab on the website). Always looked forward to beating up Nordhorn. Thanks for being there!

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